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Acquisition of AmateurIllustrator.com

We are excited to announce that PNGPix.com, a leading platform for free clipart and graphics, has merged with AmateurIllustrator.com, a renowned site for high-quality, hand-drawn illustrations. This strategic merger brings together two dynamic platforms, creating a powerhouse of visual content that will benefit users in numerous ways.

With the integration of AmateurIllustrator.com’s rich portfolio, PNGPix.com will now offer an even more extensive variety of graphics. Users can look forward to an expanded content library that includes not only our beloved clipart but also exclusive, professional-grade illustrations. This merger ensures that our users have access to a broader range of unique and high-quality visuals, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Our primary goal has always been to provide an exceptional user experience. The merger with AmateurIllustrator.com allows us to improve our search and navigation capabilities, making it easier for users to find the perfect graphics for their projects. Additionally, with the infusion of high-quality illustrations, we are committed to maintaining and elevating our quality standards across all offerings.

Here are some of the new content added to our portfolio: